Yard Sign

A yard sign says something about you and who or what you believe in.  But what if the message in your yard wasn't for your sake but for the sake of someone reading it?  

Ohio is home to almost a half million foreign-born residents*  These mothers, fathers, and children, at great personal risk and expense, left their own faraway neighborhoods to seek a hopeful future here.   They are doctors, builders, teachers, learners, contributors, and creators.  They are our neighbors.  And though our neighborhood is a new home, it is still unfamiliar.  And sometimes, unfriendly.  

So for these neighbors, imagine encountering a street lined with signs assuring, "We are glad you are here."  Imagine a neighborhood saturated with a visible message of welcome.

It is possible that your yard sign could be the news that someone needs to hear.


*US Census 2014.  Ohio's immigrant neighbors contribute over $4 billion annually in tax revenue.  49.5% of Ohio immigrants are already US citizens.  

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Signs are double-sided and cost $15.00*.  Thanks to the generous support of Franklin Imaging, 100% of your purchase price (minus credit card fee) goes directly to support immigrant and refugee families through CRIS. (Community Refugee & Immigration Services)  Learn more at www.crisohio.org

Signs NOT available for shipping.  Local pickup only, near Worthington.  Details provided following checkout.

*We recently raised the price to more accurately reflect the production value of a double-sided sign.  The full $15.00 will still go to CRIS



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